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You are launching a new product and want to inform customers about it or increase sales of a product? Then it makes sense to place your advertising in the immediate vicinity of the point of sale to create a direct purchase trigger. In the following, we will present the example of the campaign „Authentic European Pleasures“ of Italian sausage manufacturers who addressed shoppers with classic poster advertising directly before entering the market. 
In the EU-funded project “Authentic European Pleasures”, several consortia merged and advertised their quality products, such as Italian salami, zampone and mortadella. In order to make customers from Dortmund, Cologne and Frankfurt specifically aware that they can now buy the Italian products at Rewe and Edeka, we jointly designed a campaign in autumn 2020 by placing the sausages on large-scale billboards in the immediate vicinity of the shops. The direct impulse to buy is strongest when as little time as possible elapses between the influence of the advertising and the shopping situation. For this reason, many supermarkets offer the possibility of placing poster advertising on billboards in the same street, at the driveway, next to the entrance to the market or directly in the car lot. 


Why particularly large-scale billboards?

Large-scale billboards are poster spaces in the large standard 18/1 format (9m²), which can be found in almost all larger cities in Germany, both at railway stations and on the streets. They are valued differently depending on their position and the possible number of contacts associated with them. Due to the standard format, poster advertising on large-scale billboards can easily be used for campaigns throughout Germany. Another advantage, however, is that large posters do not have to be booked in networks but can be selected individually. When booking network media, one achieves many contact chances. However, the more definite the target group (Rewe/Edeka shoppers), the more stray loss you have with network media. Thus, the targeted placement of large billboards around the desired point of sales can provide direct buying impulses and generate more qualified contacts. Therefore, booking individual large billboards near Rewe and Edeka stores where the products can be bought was very efficient for the Italian sausage campaign. Quality contacts for quality Italian sausages!