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Do you want to quickly place an out-of-home advertising campaign in Berlin and achieve high visibility? Then, digital City Light Boards are the right choice for you. The 9-m² screens are strategically placed on high-traffic routes, achieving a net reach of 24.4% with the Berlin network of 46 large screens.

Still in doubt? Then, here are 8 reasons why you should book digital city light boards in Berlin to achieve high visibility.

  1. High Frequency Medium

Thanks to their placement on main traffic routes, the digital City Light Boards are seen by thousands of people every day. Over the course of a week, this amounts to 2,778,000 gross contacts! Many commuters drive along the main roads every day. As the digital City Light Boards are often double-sided, commuters may even see your advertising twice a day! On the way to and from work. Reaching people out-of-home is great with digital city light boards.

  1. Great Visibility.wtm-aussenwerbung Dubai_I

The digital City Light Boards in Berlin are strategically positioned. They are located on road median strips, at intersections with traffic lights or at the side of the road and are inclined so that moving traffic can see them very well. This way, they are highly visible to moving traffic. The 9 m² screen is also mounted on a 3-meter-high stand and easily overlooks traffic. This means it is clearly visible from afar and is not obscured by parked cars. The CLB is digital and broadcasts your out-of-home advertising in brilliant colors even in bad weather and in the evening.

3. Target Group with High Purchasing Power

The digital City Light Boards are positioned to appeal to car drivers and commuters. They are therefore car owners, commuters with homes on the outskirts who commute into the city and many working people. It is therefore an interesting and affluent target group with high purchasing power.

  1. Short-term Booking Possible!

As the digital City Light Boards are digital screens that can also be booked programmatically, it is possible to make a decision at short notice and deliver the clip within a few days or even hours. Short lead times are becoming increasingly popular, especially for offers and events. Thus, the digital CLB is great for short-term bookings of out-of-home advertising.

  1. Great Availability

With a regular booking of one slot per week on the digital City Light Boards, you have one 10-second slot available per minute. This makes up to 6 advertisers happy per minute. As 6 slots are available, you may be lucky to have a slot available even if you make a request at short notice. This is a definite advantage of digital out-of-home.

  1. Short Campaign Duration Possible!

The digital City Light Boards are usually booked per week. A week is already a short campaign. But the digital screens can also be booked per day or programmatically. Thus, the dCLBs are also great for short campaigns.

  1. Flexible Booking

In Berlin, you can book the digital City Light Boards as a full network, partial network, or simply select them individually. This allows you to book exactly the locations you need for your out-of-home campaign. For those who like it even more targeted: What do you think of digital programmatic playout? This allows you to address your target group with various data triggers.

  1. Positive Effect on the Brand Image

Digital is the trend of the future. The modernization of out-of-home advertising is progressing and many advertising media are being digitized. For you! Displaying your outdoor advertising on a modern digital advertising medium has a positive effect on your image. It makes your brand modern, dynamic, up to date.

Digital City Light Boards are therefore a great medium for out-of-home advertising to generate great visibility and high contact numbers quickly and flexibly. Why not give it a try!



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