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It should be clear to most people that education is an important step toward success. In addition to state colleges and universities, there are also a vast number of private institutes, as well as training and continuing education programs. But in which institute should I visit which classes or training? In order to assert themselves in the highly competitive market for pupils and students, many Berlin institutes for further education count on interior advertising in public transportation: Bus, trams, S-Bahn and U-Bahn.

Why is indoor advertising such an excellent way to find new students?

  • Berlin has a safe and well-branched transportation network
  • Many people commute to work and school, due to lack of parking in the city
    -> extremely high reach (Berliners & commuters)
  • 1.5 million people use the subway daily
    -> Transit advertising = mass medium
  • Indoor advertising can be booked in various formats and for as little as 50 slides for 1 month or more
    -> cost effective way reach many multiple contacts
  • foils are durable
    -> short campaigns and annual booking possible
  • always illuminated and visible, day and night

Through indoor advertising, you can reach a large number of people who are not only potential clients themselves, but could also be parents who, as co-decision-makers, have an influence on their children’s education.  

Side stripes, front wall posters, side wall posters or rather ceiling posters?

Interior advertising is an effective way to fill courses and degree programs. That’s why some of our partners swear on interior indoor advertising. But which format is the most fitting?
The landscape-format foils above windows and doors in the subway are called side stripes. They are inexpensive and bookable in large numbers. To generate even more registrations for the start of the semester in the fall, Berlin Kolleg die BBW Hochschule, die Emil Molt Akademie and Euro Akademie each recently launched a campaign with side stripes in the Berlin subway (U-Bahn).

Since the side stripes offer only little space for details, BBW Hochschule has additionally occupied the large front wall poster surfaces. These portrait-format front wall surfaces offer plenty of space for information on registration or individual courses of study.
Damago opted for a mixture of formats and placed itself both on the narrow side strips, the huge end wall panels and the medium-sized side wall panels in the subway, as well as on the large landscape-format ceiling posters in the suburban train (S-Bahn).

We wish our partners good luck at filling the classes and study programs!