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Set – Pull – Aim – Shoot! Sounds like archery and has nothing to do with out-of-home advertising? Wrong! Well, it’s a similar story for advertisers who want to attract attention with outdoor advertising around the exhibition centers for trade fairs, congresses, or conventions (such as DMEA 2022). Figuratively speaking, of course, because their advertising around the congress location hits the target group directly in the bulls eye.

OOH at trade congresses

Due to the specialized topic with specialized congresses the target group is highly specialized and narrow. A small target, but the OOH archer does not miss, because your marketing measure around the fair railing or congress center reaches only persons, whom you want to address: The visitors and speakers of this highly specialized congress! Scatter losses are thus reduced many times, while the advertising is perceived much more intensively by your target audience, because you are targeting their interests precisely with your OOH campaign. The impact of outdoor advertising at trade conventions is intensified, also because the out-of-home campaign is systematically played out in the vicinity of trade fair locations.
The advertising can also be placed on digital city light posters at airports or billboards at the main train station or train stations close to the trade fair, precisely at those locations where your target group will be traveling to the congress. Generally speaking, OOH advertising for trade congresses can be placed on a variety of advertising media, such as traditional posters or the premium advertising media, the City Lights (boards, columns and posters) around the exhibition center.  In addition, unconventional advertising media in particular attract the attention of congress visitors.

Out-Of-Home advertising with super flexible Moving Boards

The double-sided Moving Boards are LED-backlit and are carried exactly where you want them by so-called walkers on their backs. They are therefore particularly flexible and can react to the currents of your target group. At highly frequented streets, in the park, or around the exhibition center, this walking OOH advertising ensures a repeted perceptuion rate with your target group and equally increases the chance of contact. In addition, the Moving Board walkers can, for example, distribute flyers and interact with the audience. With advertising on Moving Boards for a trade congress, you as an advertiser have killed two birds with one stone, so to speak: advertising medium and promoter in one.

Biking through the city with “Cool Lite Bike” outdoor advertising

Poster motifs are skillfully staged with a “Cool Lite Bike”, whether in portrait or landscape format. Your ad will be produced as a banner, that is coupled to a bicycle. Riders then chauffeur your advertising conspicuously through the city! The banners are printed on both sides and so this outdoor advertising attracts attention from every side! A particularly noteworthy advantage of the “Cool Lite Bikes” is also that your ad can go, where there are no other advertising media. By the way, your advertising will be seen even in places where it is rather confusing like in city centers and pedestrian zones. No matter whether the OOH campaign is driven through the city or placed in a highly visible location, for example near an exhibition center, with the “Cool Lite Bike” as an outdoor advertising medium you will easily reach your target groups and be spectacularly remembered.

Advertise at the DMEA with moving advertising media

From April 26th to 28th, 2022, DMEA, the leading event for the digitalization of healthcare, will take place in Berlin. More than 600 exhibitors from over 27 countries will attract decision-makers from all areas of healthcare. As already mentioned: visitors to trade congresses form a top target group. The more than 11,000 expected trade visitors are thus made up of physicians, hospital executives, IT specialists and experts from research, such as science and politics. Those who advertise here with out-of-home advertising know they will hit the target in the middle. And with mobile advertising media such as the Cool Lite Bikes and the Moving Boards, your advertising moves exactly where your target group is.

Take advantage of out-of-home advertising at trade conventions and address an specialized target group and prevent scattering loss. With movable OOH advertising, you also have the opportunity to accompany your interest groups from their arrival – for example at BER – to the trade fair grounds and thus achieve a particularly high contact rate.

Since your target group is highly clustered for specialized events, you can be sure to be right on target with your OOH advertising for the trade conventions.