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With out-of-home advertising (OOH) on City Light Poster, the saying is almost the order of the day, and in many ways. Because this advertising format has developed into a real premium advertising medium in recent years and can now be found all over Europe.
In this sense: 

“See you … “

… always, because City Light Posters are eye-catching.

The prominent advertising medium leaves an impression, because the poster (analog or digital) is displayed in a high-quality glass showcase, clearly visible. So neither wind, nor weather can harm your advertising. This means that the high-quality impression of the out-of-home is assured throughout the entire booking period. The positive image naturally rubs off on your brand or company. 

The size (print format on a 4/1 sheet, measuring approx. 118 x 175cm), also makes your out-of-home advertising impossible to miss and guarantees optimal appeal to a mobile target group.

… even at night, thanks to backlighting of the CLPs

CLPs (short for “City Light Posters”) also have a special optical feature that attracts a lot of attention on the street, even at night. The backlighting ensures that the advertising posters remain visible, as well as legible, at any time of day or night, and can be easily seen from a distance. Thus, this outdoor advertising achieves very high contact numbers around the clock, which are indicated by the contact value (poster viewers per site).

… again, as the out-of-home advertising is located at premium locations.

Out-of-Home advertising as City Light Posters are almost exclusively intended for premium locations. The showcases are usually free-standing on public land or integrated into public transport passenger shelters. In other words, the advertising medium, i.e. your CLP advertising campaign, is conspicuously present at highly frequented transport hubs. Locations include shopping malls and pedestrian zones in city centers, but also bus shelters such as train stations and bus stops. A chance of multiple contacts is given by the optimal location of the City Light Poster, which means that the advertising effect of the out-of-home advertising can be potentiated with your target groups! 


“See you … “

… analog or digital, but always with advertising impact.

The posters usually rotate in a 2 or 3 change mechanism. The movement of the out-of-home advertising additionally increases the perception among target groups, because the human eye unconsciously reacts to movement and therefore inevitably looks towards the billboard. Those who additionally rely on moving images (i.e. digital advertising spots) benefit once again from increased visibility of their out-of-home advertising or billboard advertising. Thus, the out-of-home campaign has an enormous advertising impact even in fleeting passage situations (i.e., target persons walk or drive past the CLP). A particularly intensive customer approach is of course given in waiting situations, because this optimal circumstance ensures that the advertising posters and their message are transferred intensively and effectively to target groups. 

… elsewhere again, as CLP are available throughout Europe 

City Light Posters are booked in networks, which means that a strong reach of out-of-home advertising can be expected. The advantage here is that the poster or billboard advertising can generate a high level of attention in the cities, since the OOH is always placed in the best locations. Whether local, regional or nationwide, we will find the right CLP network to suit your marketing objectives. If desired, even Europe-wide (digital or analog billboard advertising in the form of CLPs is widely available in, for example, France, Spain or the Netherlands, etc.)! 

… in the short or long term, because advertising with City Light Posters has flexible durations

CLPs can be booked for intervals as short as one week. This means that even short OOH campaigns can make a significant contribution to advertising success. The longer the duration of the CLP network booking, the stronger its advertising impact on target persons will be. The same applies to the number of out-of-home advertising spaces. The more billboards are booked, the more contacts are reached. This is accompanied by a correspondingly strong, but above all long-term, increase in reach.

With this in mind: See you!
Your team at wtm