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You’ve probably heard of the “PoS” (point of sale) and the so-called “touchpoint”. With out-of-home advertising at the actual point of sale, such as an ATU branch or in a wholesale store like Metro, you influence the customer’s buying decision directly and in your favor.

We’ll explain exactly how this works using the classic questions. However, we can also provide you with further answers by phone under +49 30 – 224 58 996 and will be happy to advise you.

Digital City Light Posters at the point of sale:
“How” and “Why” is this type of out-of-home advertising so successful

Did you know that most purchasing decisions are not made at home, in the car or on the train, but directly at the place where the product can actually be bought? So, it’s no wonder that advertising in this environment has a particularly successful effect and contributes significantly to sales promotion. With a DCLP (Digital City Light Poster), which is placed close to your product, for example on access roads or in the entrance area, you address customers in a targeted manner, because:

The digital customer stopper is aimed at consumers who have already approached or entered the store with an intention to buy!

Your digital-out-of-home advertising (short DOOH) advertises conspicuously and prominently directly at the point of sale or touchpoint. On a Full HD advertising screen with 1.080*1.920 px or 2.160*3.840 px in Ultra HD, your target group is animated to impulse buying.

The direct contact with your advertising significantly influences the purchasing decision. In addition, the optimal placement of the advertising medium helps to generate above-average contact numbers.

OOH at the point of sale and touchpoint:
“Who” is reached “Where” with digital advertising media.

The PoS and Touchpoint:

In this article, we mainly refer to the benefits of out-of-home advertising using digital advertising media at the following points of sale such as: LEH (food retailers such as Edeka, Rewe, Trinkgut), C&C (Cash & Carry markets which are aimed at restaurateurs and wholesalers, such as Metro), but also automotive outlets such as A.T.U. and gas stations which belong to the BFT (Bundesverband freier Tankstellen, such as Aral and Esso).

Throughout Germany, it is possible to advertise at these points of sale and use the Digital City Light Posters to provide the decisive impulse that can encourage a purchase. The site-specific, local or regional allocation is realizable with the over 800 available advertising screens in Germany.

This results in enormous population coverage for your out-of-home campaign. Whether on a high-frequency access road (for example, A.T.U. or Aral) or directly in the entrance area of the retail company (for example, Metro or Marktkauf), with this type of out-of-home advertising at the PoS you can reach a large number of potential customers, thereby promoting the reach of the marketing campaign and effectively strengthening awareness of your product.

Target audience:

Outdoor advertising at the PoS is also conducive to achieving specific campaign goals, which are aimed at selective customer groups. For example, do you want to reach target groups who belong to the middle class, therefore have a certain purchasing power, and have persona characteristics such as “self-employed entrepreneur”? Positioning outdoor advertising near or directly in an entrance area of C&C markets, such as Metro, makes sense in this case. This is because access to such markets is mainly given to self-employed people. Another example: OOH at the touchpoint near car repair shops, such as A.T.U., or at BF gas stations. Here, too, the target groups are clearly defined: drivers.

The advantage is obvious! With outdoor advertising on a Digital City Light Poster, you can reach pre-selected customer groups directly at your point of sale and thus successfully advertise products, services or targeted sales of special offers.

Advertise close to the customer with digital outdoor advertising
“What” is achieved and “When” target groups are addressed

With modern, digital City Light Posters (DCLP), your outdoor advertising quickly attracts interest because the billboards are eye-catching – both in shape and size. But not only that! The digital billboards can also play your OOH spot as a moving image, i.e. with animation and motion. This creates increased visibility of outdoor advertising and awakens the need for information among target groups.

The quick bookability of the DCLP at the point of sale or touchpoint makes the marketing measure – in direct proximity to the customer – a very popular advertising medium. Whether as a Germany-wide network booking or in an individual section, the advertising spaces can already be booked for a booking period of 6 or 7 days. You therefore enjoy maximum flexibility and decide when your target groups are reached with the DCLP. In addition, the standard allocation of 10-second slots and thus 60 insertions per hour ensures that the advertising information can be captured quickly even in passage situations.

One last question remains to be answered:
When do you start with digital outdoor advertising at the point of sale, i.e. in the immediate vicinity of the place where customers can buy your product?