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On average, drivers spend 41 hours a year looking for a parking space. In the capital Berlin, the frustration even extends to 62 hours a year. The solution: parking garages, with sufficient free parking spaces, in close proximity to the destination. Your advantage: With parking garage advertising, you can advertise effectively not far from your location, direct customers to you and become an impulse generator shortly before the purchase decision. Outdoor advertising as it lives and breathes.

The direct purchase decision maker: OOH in parking garages

Parking garages are usually the starting point for shopping activities, so you can reach people with parking garage media directly on the way to the purchase decision. This means your OOH campaign can act as an impetus to buy or as an invitation to visit the store – the POS (point of sale). Therefore, this outdoor advertising is particularly effective for surrounding stores, restaurants, etc., which are within walking distance of the advertising. Place your advertising where your target group consumes. With billboard advertising in parking garages, you appeal especially to drivers, shopping enthusiasts, high-income earners, but also large families. Use an individual out-of-home campaign to make your target audience remember you and actively influence their purchasing decisions.

Eye-catching advertising with parking media (CLP or large-scale billboard)

Since the high-quality OOH faces are placed in an extremely conspicuous manner, i.e. along the driving paths and visual axes, your advertising is in the optimal field of vision of the parking garage guests. Often, the parking garage media are also placed directly next to the entrance or passage to the shopping center, or directly next to the pay station. In this way, visitors to the parking garage come into direct contact with the poster panels.

Whether you prefer City Light Posters or large-scale billboards, the advertising media are equally attractive and create a stir in the parking garages! CLPs impress with their backlighting, whereas large panels offer a striking amount of advertising space. Either way, billboard advertising in parking garages offers a wide range of options for successful advertising. We will be happy to advise you on which sign advertising will deliver the best results for your marketing activities.

Advertise for short, impulse campaigns or as large-scale permanent advertising, with parking garage advertising you benefit from cost-effective poster advertising and a very good campaign performance level, because: The high frequency of use of parking garages generates a high contact rate. In addition, parking garage advertising space can be booked throughout Germany, regardless of whether these are public parking garages or those adjacent to shopping centers. For surrounding businesses, out-of-home advertising with parking garage advertising is an effective advertising measure.