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You want to place out-of-home advertising and do not know which media to book, which network or which locations? Two important factors that can help in selecting the advertising medium and locations are the product to be advertised and the associated target group. Out-of-Home advertising is a one-to-many medium. Especially in large cities, a few media can generate millions of contacts. But how qualitative are these contacts? Are they the target group at all or is there high scattering losses?


If your intention with outdoor advertising is general brand awareness, then you simply want to achieve as good visibility as possible and generate many contacts. Your brand is the product, and your target group is not very limited. For large reach in major cities in Germany, transit advertising is very suitable. Buses, trams or suburban and subway trains can be covered with different formats. They are on the road every day, connecting different parts of the city and coming into contact with countless people. Ergo, they provide moving advertising faces for nationwide visibility.
Billboard advertising in major cities can also be used to widely promote a brand as a product. In addition, some poster media, such as City Light Posters, City Light Columns, and City Light Boards, are mostly network media and can be selected individually only in exceptional cases or to a limited extent. Small-format poster advertising (A1 or A0) can also be booked on shared sites only as networks. So, you can also achieve super coverage with these networks.

But the more targeted your product or service is that you want to advertise, the more defined your target group is, of course. If it’s an everyday product, the target audience isn’t particularly narrow. But if the product is only available in a locally restricted area, then the target group is only within a defined radius. Since there is no line binding for most means of transport, or only with surcharges, transport advertising is rarely suitable for locally defined out-of-home advertising. So which media are suitable for a narrow target group? We will show you this using the example of our customer: Cofra.

Cofra – Italian safety shoes in Germany


In the fall of 2022, Cofra launched a campaign with billboard advertising at 100 large-scale locations across Germany. Sounds random, but it wasn’t. Let’s illustrate the process with this appropriate example.

So, we asked ourselves this chain of questions:

What is the product to be advertised?
Who should buy the product?
Where is the target group and how do I reach the target audience?

The first two questions are easy to answer because the product and the target audience were clear. Cofra wanted to promote the product the Propulson safety shoe. On the one hand, this was intended to expand awareness of the Cofra brand in Germany and, in the process, increase sales of this shoe. With the claims “born to work” and “wear when working […]” the target group is also clear: workers from industry and trade. Precisely those who need safety shoes due to work with heavy equipment. But how and where to reach this target group?

In order to reach the target group, certain industrial areas were determined in the vicinity of major German cities, where, conversely, many workers from these industries are located.

Advertising space was then sought in a certain radius around these industrial areas. Since the billboard format is very consistently found in the same format throughout Germany, the choice fell quite quickly on this billboard format.

The campaign shows very well how a product, the Propulsion safety shoe, can be advertised very specifically to its target group, workers in the vicinity of German industrial areas.

Very good, COFRA!