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Pretty daring thesis, do you agree? Possibly. But of course, it always depends on which advertising goals you are pursuing and which target groups you want to address. But sightseeing bus advertising has some advantages over conventional bus advertising. In the following article, we would like to present these positive aspects of sightseeing bus advertising to you. Then you can decide if you want to agree with us that sightseeing bus advertising is the best bus advertising. 


Permanently high reach with Sightseeing bus advertising through fixed routes through the city center! 

Bus advertising on sightseeing buses opens up an excellent opportunity for companies and brands to present their messages to a wide target audience aesthetically and effectively. This form of out-of-home advertising combines the advantages of mobility, regional applicability, and high contact intensity to achieve a lasting advertising impact. This is because sightseeing buses, also known as hop-on-hop-off buses, travel on fixed routes through the downtown areas of Europe’s major cities. They stop at busy city districts and historical and tourist hotspots. As a result, bus advertising on sightseeing buses offers considerable reach and visibility. Downtown areas are always buzzing. So, the buses attract the attention of tourists, locals, commuters, and other road users. The advertising messages on the exterior surfaces of the sightseeing buses thus become eye-catchers in the city center and generate a high presence for the advertised brand.

Unlike conventional buses, which do not generally offer line binding, the sightseeing buses travel on fixed routes through the city center. This means that high reach is guaranteed throughout the entire advertising period. In the case of normal bus advertising, this type of line binding is not available in all cities and is only available for a high surcharge. The free line commitment on premium routes through the city center and the resulting high coverage are a clear advantage of sightseeing bus advertising over conventional bus advertising. 


Best visibility and creative design possibilities because sightseeing buses are double-deckers!

The design options for bus advertising on sightseeing buses are great because the vehicles are double-deckers. Thus, they offer a large advertising surface. Companies can choose between two different formats: Super-rear format and full cover. The Super-rear format is especially popular because it offers approximately 20 m² of advertising space on the back of the sightseeing bus. Since the buses are double-deckers, the advertising on the rear surface easily overlooks other vehicles and normal buses. This guarantees the best visibility even in heavy traffic. With the full cover format, the entire exterior surface of the bus is used to present the advertising message in an appealing form. Even the windows can be covered with a specific window adhesive. This form is particularly suitable for longer-term image advertising and offers scope for creative presentation and marketing ideas. In this way, bus advertising on sightseeing buses ensures a high brand presence in the long term and arouses the interest of potential customers. But this most eye-catching form of bus advertising can also be booked for short campaigns. An original eye-catcher!


Sightseeing bus advertising is cheap and bookable from 2 weeks!

Advertising on sightseeing buses can be booked flexibly. The minimum booking period is just 2 weeks. For normal buses, the smaller formats can be booked from a minimum of 4 weeks. Larger formats, such as full or partial cover, are marketed as long-term advertising with a runtime of 12 months. For shorter running times, the advertiser must accept surcharges. There are no such surcharges for advertising on sightseeing buses! Clear point for advertising on sightseeing buses.


Summer Special: 

Sightseeing in Berlin: 5 buses
Format: Super Rear
Duration: 4 weeks
Media costs: € 25.000,00
Production: € 7.500,00
Plus VAT.


Is sightseeing bus advertising the best bus advertising? 

What do you say? Were the arguments convincing? The advertising impact of bus advertising on sightseeing buses should not be underestimated, especially due to the numerous waiting situations at bus stops and in city traffic. The sheer size of the advertising space on the double-decker and the eye-catching design on sightseeing buses grab people’s attention and stick in their minds. This strengthens brand awareness and creates a positive image impact. In addition, compared to other forms of advertising, sightseeing bus advertising is cost-effective and offers a convincing price-performance ratio. This is because the fixed routes through the busy city center generate unbeatable coverage and countless contacts. We say yes, sightseeing bus advertising is the best bus advertising.