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Sometimes things have to go quickly. Large campaigns with print posters or transit advertising often need at least 4 to 8 weeks lead time. If you don’t have that much lead time, digital City Light Posters are the best choice.

10 positive reasons for digital City Light Posters:

  1. Networks with digital City Light Posters now exist in almost all major cities in Europe.
  2. Positioniong in city centers and near public transport guarantees high contact chances and multiple contacts.
  3. The CLP format is the same in most cities, so the same spot can be broadcasted throughout Europe (1,080 x 1920 pxl)
  4. Digital CLPs can be booked spontaneously with a short lead time. Only a few days before the start of the campaign, available slots can be booked and the spots can be programmed.
  5. The digital screens are super suitable for short campaigns. Minimum booking: 1 week, sometimes even only 1 day.
  6. They can be booked with fixed spot playout or programmatically.
  7. You can have several spots broadcasted and occupy several slots.
  8. The screens benefit from high attention rates through moving images.
  9. The high resolution and best image quality make your brand shine
  10. The digital City Light Poster is a premium advertising medium and thus supports the image of the advertiser.

So digital City Light Posters shine with their flexibility and great advertising impact. That’s why, for the opening of their new store at Place de la République in Paris, Adidas had opted for a campaign on digital City Light Posters in the metro. Very good choice!