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As a mass medium, outdoor advertising manages to bring advertising messages to the general population. But target group-oriented advertising is not only possible in online advertising, but also with the classic poster or a local, digital network. The question of all questions is: Who is my target group and where do I meet them? In this example, we show that business clients are particularly easy to meet at the airport.

The IESE Business School of the University of Navarra has locations in Madrid, Barcelona, New York, São Paolo, and Munich, and specializes in continued education in business management. The Master’s program and the shorter programs are held in English and are specifically designed for executives. Therefore, we have an international target group that is already in the business sector, is ambitiously moving towards the management level and can and wants to invest in methodical further education.

In order to promote their location in Munich, IESE initially placed poster advertisements. By advertising on large billboards at three S-Bahn stations in Munich, they selected exactly the area where they thought their target group would be. Subsequently, IESE placed their ads on digital faces at MUC Munich Airport. During normal operation, 48% of the passengers at Munich Airport are business customers. Since the air traffic is less touristic at the moment, the percentage of business travelers is even higher.

These business flyers are exactly in the target group of IESE. By placing their 10” spot in double frequency on the Welcome Stelen in the entrance area of Terminal 2, the business flyers are addressed directly upon entering and leaving of the terminal. This applies not only to those departing from Terminal 2, but also to those who retire to the business lounges during their stay. Terminal 2 is home to the First Class Lounge, Senator Lounge, Lufthansa Business Lounge and the Senator Café. Thus, a disproportionately high number of business flyers are directly addressed by IESE’s airport advertising.
A successful target-group oriented advertising campaign.