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At events, congresses and trade fairs, advertisers can benefit not only from increased contact numbers, but especially from the quality of the contacts. With targeted booking of all advertising media around the event location, advertisers can address their target audience before they are exposed to the flood of information from all exhibitors at the event location. Therefore, outdoor advertising at trade fairs and congresses reduces wastage and ensures a strong presence around the exhibition center.

Take the ITB in Berlin, for example. With more than 160,000 visitors and 10,000 exhibitors annually, the ITB is the world’s leading trade fair for the tourism industry. Over 180 countries, countless cities, hotels, travel companies, etc. compete for the favor of visitors and buyers in the 40+ halls of Messe Berlin. To stand out in this jungle of impressions is not easy. This makes it all the more important to be visible outside the exhibition grounds.

There are several strategically placed advertising media around the exhibition grounds, which can be selected individually and booked for a trade fair-related advertising campaign. As parking spaces around the exhibition grounds are rare, most visitors and exhibitors come by public transport and taxis. At the nearest stations of the S-Bahn Messe Nord and Messe Süd, as well as the underground station Kaiserdamm, large billboards can be booked. At large intersections, there are rotating City Light columns in which 3 advertisers can place their upright advertising messages behind glass. Furthermore, at important traffic tangents there are large, rotating City Light Boards and the digital City Light Boards, which broadcast your messages clearly visible even in bad weather. The advertising concentration is at its highest when all direct advertising media are occupied. In addition, taxis and busses can also be branded to increase the advertising pressure.

Here, as an example, the campaign of the city of The Hague for the ITB.