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Out-of-Home advertising (OOH) plays a crucial role in visibility in the trade show environment, for example at events such as the Smart Country Convention. This dynamic form of communication transcends traditional boundaries and offers unique benefits to increase brand exposure and engagement.

  1. increased visibility and multiple contacts through out-of-home advertising in front of the exhibition halls

One of the main advantages of OOH advertising at trade fairs is the increased perception value. Repeated placement of out-of-home advertising around the exhibition grounds not only creates multiple contacts, which increase the chances of the viewer remembering the advertising better, but the relevance in the trade fair context also means that the advertising is perceived better and absorbed. The viewer, usually a trade fair visitor or exhibitor, already has a legitimate interest in the trade fair. So, if the event is mentioned on the outdoor advertising, the viewer has much more of a connection and perceives the advertising as personally relevant. In most cases, individual exhibitors use the media to advertise the trade fair and invite visitors to their stand. The relevance then even results in real engagement if the viewer then accepts the invitation and visits the advertiser at the stand.

  1. Versatility of advertising media

Out-of-home advertising offers a wide variety of advertising media, from traditional posters to modern digital displays (DOOH). Brands can strategically place their messages on different media. There are also various advertising media around the Berlin exhibition grounds to target trade fair visitors. From posters at the nearby train stations (Messe-Nord/ICC, Messe-Süd & Kaiserdamm), to large analog and digital City Light Boards, City Light Columns placed along the roads leading to the exhibition grounds, to large giant posters directly opposite, to completely mobile advertising media, such as portable billboards and bicycle banners, which are moved by promoters precisely with streams of arriving visitors. Advertisers at trade fairs can make use of a wide range of options to draw attention to themselves even before the hustle and bustle of the trade fairs.

wtm-aussenwerbung Polyteia Messe Nord ICC

  1. Building brand awareness beyond the trade fair

A key aspect of Out-of-Home advertising at trade fairs is its ability to increase brand awareness beyond the boundaries of the event. The strategic placement of billboards, pillars, screens and posters in the vicinity maintains visibility before, during and after the trade fair. High-quality contacts are generated through the relevant target group – and lots of them. Outdoor advertising at trade fairs therefore demonstrably leads to an increase in brand awareness.

The software Polyteia, which presented its technology for resilient public authorities at the Smart Country Convention, also knew how to measure these positive effects of OOH advertising. The Smart Country Convention aims to focus on the digitalization of the public sector and the topic of smart cities. To generate visibility even before the exhibition grounds, Polyteia occupied various advertising media: billboards on large-scale billboards, City Light Boards, digital City Light Boards, and Cool Lite Bikes. The promoters who moved the bike banners and moving boards were strategically positioned at HUB 27, at the south entrance to the trade fair so that as many visitors and exhibitors as possible could be addressed there. With this media mix they were sure to address all arriving and leaving trade fair visitors.

To summarize, out-of-home advertising in the trade fair environment, such as at the Smart Country Convention, offers strategic advantages for attracting attention, using different advertising media, and promoting brand awareness in the long term. In an ever-evolving advertising landscape, the timeless effectiveness of outdoor advertising remains a cornerstone of successful trade show marketing and sustained engagement.

You can  look up the up-to-date media and prices for the advertising supports around Messe Berlin in our presentation: Advertise around Messe Berlin

Vor der Messe Berlin, steht an einer stark befahrenen Straße ein analoges City Light Board. Es handelt sich dabei um eine Plakatvitrine auf einem Standfuß. Die Plakatwerbung zeigt Außenwerbung von Polyteia zur Smart Country Convention.

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