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See and be seen, as the saying goes. And there’s something to that. Your company wants to be seen and decides to advertise to improve their image, increase sales or generate more downloads. But how do you achieve visibility, and especially in big cities? Out-of-home advertising gives your company the opportunity to reach many people in big cities, regardless of their other media usage. Especially in big cities, people are much more mobile thanks to public transportation and more on the go to the myriad of activities the big city has to offer. To target these people on their way, advertisers have the opportunity to place transportation and billboard advertising. In this way, you can successfully reach many potential customers. In the following, we report on a successful campaign by our client OkCupid.

A dating app conquers Berlin with outdoor advertising

Together with our colleagues from Vizible Media in London, we organized a campaign with outdoor advertising for the dating platform OkCupid. For the fact that OkCupid is actually one of the oldest dating sites on the internet, it was not very widespread in Berlin until recently. This was to change. A strong visibility was to be generated that would stand up to the constant bombardment of other dating platform competitors. To increase awareness and thus app downloads, OkCupid opted for a media mix of transportation advertising and billboard advertising. A very good choice!

Berliners are always on the move a lot on the street and with public transport. So OkCupid covered a total of 4 entire trams and 8 subway units with full exterior branding and also placed over 2,700 foils inside Berlin’s S-Bahn, U-Bahn and trams. To further increase the advertising pressure across the means of transport, more than 300 large billboards were placed in subway stations and large and small posters were stuck on more than 550 advertising columns. With this media mix, all Berliners were reached on the streets and in the means of transport. This is how the dating app conquered Berlin.

Out-of-home advertising that stands out: variety with colorful motifs

Placing a billboard is not the same as getting noticed. For advertising to be noticed, it must also be designed to be eye-catching. This is where our dating experts really went to town. Different motifs were developed for their out-of-home advertising campaign to appeal to different relationship concepts. OkCupid is known as an inclusive dating app that doesn’t just offer the classic straight concept. So up to 12 motifs were created, which were brightly colored, playful, creative, provocative, and crazy in order to appeal to as many people of different minds as possible. Very fitting to the colorful Berlin. Even though some may not have been able to immediately identify with the motif, the outdoor advertising was still extremely eye-catching due to the strong colors and witty motifs. Thus, increased perception values increased brand awareness and effective app downloads. Thumbs up!


Video Summary OkCupid Berlin campaign Fall 2021