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Of course, no one voluntarily foregoes the attention of potential customers – unless one doubts the effect of outdoor advertising and relies on other media.

The advertising impact study of the Fachverband Außenwerbung clearly shows how out-of-home media can convey your brand message effectively to target groups and even be a call for action, such as purchase.


If you already rely on ooh media, you can lean back and smile encouragingly. You have decided on the right advertising measures. This study confirms your gut feeling, manifested by the results of a tough study: Outdoor advertising works! 


About the study:

The study examined in how far out-of-home advertisement works. These results were extracted from around 230,000 online interviews, based on 236 campaigns, and continuously collected since 2015. In addition, the brand strength established to date was taken into account, as was the media usage to date, and differentiated according to the advertising pressure (GRP) required in each case (Gross Rating Point, gross reach in %).

The following criteria and campaign objectives were the focus of the impact study:

– Attention: recognition of the motif

– Image: positive value link with the brand such as sympathy

– Familiarity: clear idea and assignment of what the brand stands for

– Call to action: Recipients research about the product or buy it


As the long-term study has shown, all four criteria show a percentage gain. Particularly positive results were achieved with short-term campaign goals, such as “generate attention” or “call to action”. Thus, ooh contributes significantly to the support of central campaign goals.

Go through the roof, even with little media usage

At this point, some people might think: So far so good! But outdoor advertising will surely only have an effect if you have used as much media budget as possible and put up posters around half of the city. Dementi!

From the study results that an increasing contingent depends on the past budget, as on the existing awareness and, thus the brand strength. Nevertheless, an increase in campaign goals can be observed in all cases – even with a small budget.

As can be seen in the graph, even with a low brand strength and a low budget (budget less than 1 million Euro), the “attention” of the recipients could be increased by up to 35% by out-of-home advertising.

Especially young brands profit from out-of-home advertising!

A (re)launch is imminent, or you want to establish a new brand? Then rely on City Light Posters, City Light Boards, large billboards, column posters.

As the advertising effect study now proves, the campaign goal “attention” in particular gains strength with ooh measures.  Even with medium budgets, percentage increases and positive effects can be seen! The advertising messages are seen and produce reactions. Just what brands need.