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The Autobahn GmbH is looking for new employees from different departments and therefore present themselves on different media with different jobs. In order to appeal to many Berlin and Brandenburg commuters, the Autobahn relied on interior advertising in the U-Bahn and S-Bahn (public transport). Moreover, they addressed all road users on the street with the tram advertising. And to top it all off, they occupied three light boxes at BER Airport. The campaign at the airport started in December. In addition to the usual business travelers and thousands of employees, this allowed Die Autobahn to take advantage of the travel peak around the holidays. In January, they added a flight of posters on high-frequency S-Bahn stations.
Thus, Die Autobahn reaches many potential employees in Berlin and the surrounding area. Super media mix of airport, tram, and interior advertising!
And since it’s always exciting to see how transport vehicles are wrapped in full design, we also shot a short clip on this:

Youtube clip tram foiling Die Autobahn