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According to the urban dictionary, knorke is a German version to say “cool”. So, in June 2022, the Italian payment processing app Satispay launched a big, and knorke, campaign with billboard advertising in Berlin Kreuzberg and Neukölln, in order to increase brand awareness and app downloads in Berlin. They had acquired stores around Kreuzberg and northern Neukölln that accept their payment service. They now wanted to target Kreuz-Köllners with billboard advertising on 11 full columns, 1 City Light column, and 105 large-scale billboards on the street, as well as the digital City Light poster network HUB Kreuzberg, other large-scale billboards on subway stations, and some ground posters. Since the area was relatively small, booking this large number of different poster media created enormous advertising pressure. If possible, poster panels were also booked next to each other, on which different motifs were then placed. Satispay was simply unmissable in Berlin Kreuzberg!

The billboard advertising was also unmissable because of the clever motifs! Satispay placed cool characters on their motifs, that were resembling stereotypes of the target group from Berlin Kreuzberg and north Neukölln. With slogans like pay knorke, pay smart, pay schnieke, pay funky, or pay smart, they motivated the poster viewer to download the app. The bright red background also made the posters particularly eye-catching. In short, the red posters with clever slogans could be seen everywhere in the target area.

Great motifs! Great advertising pressure! Great campaign!

Also, do you want to see how the billboards are pasted onto a full column? Check out our youtube clip about it!